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Motion Analysis Corporation (MAC) has been at the forefront of motion capture technology since its founding over thirty years ago. In 1986, MAC developed the first camera designed and manufactured exclusively for motion capture, the Falcon (pictured at left). Fourteen years later,  the first digital motion capture camera, the Eagle, was introduced at SIGGRAPH 2000.

MAC’s software is no less groundbreaking. Cortex and its predecessor, EVaRT, hold the exclusive trait of presenting a single, integrated user interface to the motion capture technician. Customers do not have to switch in and out of different software programs as they work.

Our cameras and software are backwards compatible – we do not require our customers to upgrade to new cameras in order to use the latest version of Cortex.

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Latest News

The Millennium Falcon

Posted on July 14, 2017

The first all-digital motion capture camera was playfully known as the Millennium Falcon to its development team in Santa Rosa. While the Star Wars ship with a Wookie on board had already been known to the world for 2 decades, the high-speed analog Falcon camera that Motion Analysis was building and shipping was about to […]

Watch Our New Motion Capture Applications Video

Posted on July 5, 2017

Learn about our industry-leading motion capture industry applications: GaitTrak, RunTrak, PitchTrak, GolfTrak, and JumpTrak. All applications are powered by our Cortex Software- creating an efficient motion analysis solution for any industry.  

Our Newest Studio Camera Tracking System: Kite

Posted on June 29, 2017

Kite is an elegant studio camera tracking system that enables VR and AR for your studio production or previz projects. The Kite system consists of an industry best mocap tracking camera with a touchscreen monitor that attaches to the studio camera. The Kite tracks optical markers that are randomly placed in the studio ceiling. Once […]

Motion Analysis

Based on over thirty years of development, Motion Analysis’ proprietary high performance motion capture systems consist of digital, field-upgradable cameras, proprietary 3D marker tracking software, and proprietary and licensed application-specific software that is used to measure and analyze, in real-time, the three dimensional movements of objects such as the human body. This proprietary technology produces data that is unsusceptible to jitter, noise or field interference while being highly accurate and repeatable. Our team works closely with renowned specialists to create value-added application software targeted at very specific vertical markets. Motion Analysis is a California corporation formed in May of 1982 with principal executive offices located in Santa Rosa, California.

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