Rainbow HD video cameras

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Rainbow Synchronized Video Reference for Motion Capture

The Rainbow camera range is Motion Analysis’ precision synchronized reference video camera solution. This is the flexible, affordable, and highly capable solution that enables you to collect color video aligned perfectly with your movement data.

The cameras record full color, high frame rate 1280 by 1024 at over 80FPS,  in precise synchronization with our optical motion capture data streams.

Powerful video capture

  • HD 1280 by 1024 at over 80FPS
  • Higher rate partial scan mode e.g. over1.1 MP at 100 fps
  • Standard C-mount lenses for flexibility
  • Vibrant full-color imaging
  • IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) synchronization
  • PTP synced with Thunderbird, or record alongside other Motion Cameras
  • Readily records 6 channels, 8 or more if PC hardware allows
  • Works with Cortex's lens mapping tools for 3d data video overlay
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) for simple setup
The Rainbow camera's fully integrated PTP synchronization is identical to the Thunderbirds' and also runs alongside other MAC cameras such as Kestrels.

Using Cortex 10 software, users can capture multiple camera views with color overlays lens-mapped to their biomechanical capture data. The highly compressed AVI video files are compatible with most third-party analysis, editing and markerless tracking tools. With Rainbow integrated into our optical motion capture workflow, users now have a seamless way to add HD reference video context to their advanced movement data.

Cortex 10: Our most powerful motion capture software yet

The latest release of our industry-leading movement tracking and analysis software. Cortex 10 introduces several powerful new capabilities including integrated glove tracking, robust marker templates, and enhanced batch processing tools to help streamline motion data collection and analysis.

Key new features in Cortex 10 include:

Manus Glove Integration

Seamless integration of Manus Meta gloves allows combining Cortex's marker-based motion capture with detailed finger tracking for unprecedented hand animation fidelity.

Golden Template Markersets

Robust out-of-the-box marker templates and automated marker generation tools to streamline subject calibration and real-time identification.

Selectable Batch Processing

New ability to selectively batch process and export motion capture files based on capture status for optimized workflow.

Editable System Objects

Users can now edit the central system objects folder for easier cross-collaboration on marker definitions.

Trimming by Markerset

Scripts to trim captures by individual markersets for simplified post-processing of multi-markerset data.

Rainbow Camera Support

Integration with Motion Analysis' new Rainbow HD video cameras for high frame rate, synchronized color reference video collection.
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