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BaSix motion capture system: everything you need to know

18 Nov 2020

BaSix© is an entry-level motion capture system built with busy animators and game developers in mind. It works in small spaces, is easy to set up, and has highly intuitive software that integrates with all major animation solutions.

BaSix Go motion capture system demo video


What’s in the BaSix motion capture system?

When you purchase the BaSix system, you get:

  • 12 BaSe Cams
  • 8 BaSix active markers
  • BaSix Go software


What can it track?

The BaSix motion capture system can track one performer and ten props, two performers and four props, or 16 props.


What does it cost?

The BaSix system costs under $20,000.

If you already have our Kestrel or Raptor cameras and reflective markers, you can purchase the software, BaSix Go, on its own on an annual license plan for $4,000.


How much space does it require?

BaSix is intended for small studios or office spaces. We recommend an area that is around five by five meters in size.

Does Motion Analysis supply lighting and framing rigs?
We do not supply the lighting and framing rigs, however, we will be able to assist in figuring out what you need and the best people to talk to. The system is supplied with ball joint tripod heads and clamps, which can be readily wall mounted.


Can I use a custom skeleton rig?

The BaSix Go software contains a range of skeleton rigs, however, custom models are available on request.


Which software tools and engines is it compatible with?

BaSix Go integrates with Maya, MotionBuilder, VizRT, Unity, Unreal Engine, and more. We constantly update our plugins to work with the latest software releases.

BaSix Go screenshot


Is it compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX?

The software is compatible with Windows 10.


What are the system requirements?

We recommend a dedicated professional workstation system, for example, the HP Z420.


Does it include support?

Our software is designed with ease in mind – anyone will be able to use it within minutes and a simple Quick Start guide is included. We also offer additional support via telephone and email.


For more information, or to arrange for a demo of the BaSix mocap system, please contact our knowledgeable sales team.


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