The BaSix system: 

Mocap in under a minute

Simplify and accelerate your animation workflow with our suitless mocap solution. This light mocap system enables quick and easy motion capture of humanoid skeletons and props.

Starting at $20,000, BaSix has been developed for busy animation studios and game developers who need motion capture without the complicated setup and calibration.

What’s included?

The system consists of 12 cameras (select from our range of active marker cameras), 8 active markers , and BaSix Go software.
Six markers

12 cameras

BaSix Go software (also compatible with Cortex software)

Compatible with major animation packages

How does it work?

Simply select your animated character, equip the BaSix active markers, and stream live animation data directly to your animation package - all in less than a minute, without the use of a mocap suit.
Select your animated character
Put on your six active markers
Stream live animation data
directly or record and export
it in universal formats

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