At Motion Analysis, we continually develop new ways to make motion capture and tracking more efficient. With the release of Cortex 8, the latest edition of our internationally recognized motion capture software, we're excited to introduce BaSix, our new suitless full-body active markers. BaSix markers are configurable LED arrays that can be fitted on the subject in under 60 seconds. With BaSix, actors can move more freely, providing less restricted movement. Whether you're using motion tracking for video game development or to measure sports performance, BaSix motion capture markers will allow you to track your subjects' natural movement accurately. Contact us today to learn more about BaSix, Cortex 8, or to take advantage of our special promotional pricing on motion capture packages, valid until December 31, 2019.

Traditional motion capture marker systems require a suit or multiple markers to be precisely applied to the subject. This can take time to set up properly and may restrict the subject from moving naturally. BaSix motion capture markers use six active markers on key points of the body – the tops of each hand, the top of the head, the rear waist, and the tops of both feet. These are secured using comfortable accessories, such as gloves, a visor, a belt, and foot straps, respectively. Marking your subjects is extremely fast and efficient.

The markers' design is simple yet robust. All tracking is done optically. The LEDs are recessed, protecting them from any potential damage. They're self-contained units, so they don't require a base station. With their long battery life, each marker can typically perform all day on a single charge. BaSix active markers can be used in addition to passive markers and can be used with older editions of Cortex. You can create your prop using the standard prop creation tools. To use the integrated prop solver, you will need Cortex 8 or later.

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