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Simplify and speed up the animation and previz process with our suitless animation software.

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This is BaSix Go

Create realistic, high-quality 3D characters, quickly and easily

Starting at $20,000, our BaSix motion capture system is a lightweight and affordable option for animation studios, game developers, and previz purposes that offers the most efficient setup ever seen.
Select your animated character.
Put on your six active markers.
Stream live animation data directly or record and export it in universal formats.


A simple, intuitive user interface
Six simple rigs, six degrees of freedom
Choose from the new range of BaseCams or integrate with Kestrel cameras
World’s most powerful skeleton solver
Each marker can typically perform all day on a single charge
No mocap suit required
Compatible with all major animation packages, including Maya, Motion Builder, Unreal, and Unity
FBX skinning is supported
Built-in 22 segment skeleton
The LEDs are recessed, protecting them from any potential damage

What you get when you choose the BaSix System

BaSix Go Software
BaseCams (choose from 4 camera types*)
One set of six BaSix markers (6 for a subject plus two props)
One year of support
*Three models of BaseCam or any of the Kestrel range

Cortex integration with BaSix Go’s Ikendo Dual-Skeleton

If you choose to purchase, or perhaps have already purchased, any of our greyscale generation cameras, BaSix active markers can be used in addition to passive markers - allowing them to be used within Cortex by applying the Ikendo Solver.

Read more on the Ikendo Solver here.

All data collections are fully compatible with Cortex, allowing you to load, process and save data using the most powerful mocap software in the industry. Cortex completely manages motion capture and measurement for all applications, including biomechanics, broadcasting, sports performance, game production, VR, AR, film, research, engineering, and rigid object tracking.


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