Animal Studies

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Precise motion capture solutions 
for animal studies

Our animal motion capture solutions are robust, powerful and incredibly flexible. There’s a setup solution for any size of animal, from an insect to an elephant, and everything in between. 

For over 40 years, Motion Analysis has been providing intuitive, precise and robust movement tracking solutions to researchers and scientists around the world.

Everything you need for fast, accurate animal tracking

  • Full-spec system for precise data collection and instant translation

  • Wide range of highly accurate, heat and splash-proof cameras

  • Reflective passive markers for life sciences

  • Active LED markers for drone and robotics tracking

  • Powerful Cortex 9.5 software

  • Easy on-step retargeting

  • Highest real-time marker counts

  • Intuitive software interface with modules for a variety of applications

Mocap software built around you

Cortex 9.5 is jam packed with features, yet remains intuitive and easy to use. It includes several embedded modules including:

Skeleton Builder

Create relatively simple, direct and fast calculations of bones that are defined and calculated from one joint center to another.

KinTools RT

The industry’s only self-contained full-body kinetics and kinematics measurement package and custom model creation tool.

DV Reference

Software that allows the simultaneous capture and play-back of reference video data from either a stationary or moving DV camera.

Calcium Solver

A powerful, easy-to-use tool to solve captured marker data onto a skeleton. The marker data drives a pre-defined, rigid, hierarchical skeleton definition.

Motion Composer

A tool used to gather, integrate, and present interactive motion capture data in a seamless manner.

Continuous Calibration

A self-diagnosing, self- correcting camera calibration tool, which eliminates wand calibration between multiple users and significantly improves the camera’s accuracy.

Why choose Cortex software for motion capture?

  • Unparalleled quality, speed, and usability.

  • Allows you to collect more precise movement analysis data faster, increasing efficiency.

  • Enables you to rapidly create 3D trajectories and readily model a subject’s anatomical movements - no matter how subtle.

  • Flexible: for human, animal and robotic motion capture.

  • Anything you can place a marker on, our system can track.

  • Widely integrated with well-respected software and complementary hardware.

Integrated into your world

Our software integrates with a wide range of third party equipment including AMTI Force Platforms, Delsys EMG systems, Kistler Force Platforms, National Instruments (analog to digital converters), Tec Gihan Digital Platforms, Tobii Pro2 Glasses, Basler GigE cameras, Flir cameras, and more.

Flexible, robust cameras for every situation

We offer a range of specialist motion capture cameras with compact design, high accuracy and robust performance. They’re “plug and play”, field upgradable, and compatible with most of our other cameras.
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“I have used a number of different motion capture systems, but I like Motion Analysis for the quality of data produced; the software interface; the customer support; and the ability a user has to change and customize a lot of capture settings.”
Dr. Franky Mulloy
Lecturer in Biomechanics, University of Lincoln

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