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This is Cortex 10

The latest release of our industry-leading movement tracking and analysis software. Cortex 10 introduces several powerful new capabilities including integrated glove tracking, robust marker templates, and enhanced batch processing tools to help streamline motion data collection and analysis.

Key new features in Cortex 10 include:

Manus Glove Integration -  Seamless integration of Manus Meta gloves allows combining Cortex's marker-based motion capture with detailed finger tracking for unprecedented hand animation fidelity.
Golden Template Markersets -  Robust out-of-the-box marker templates and automated marker generation tools to streamline subject calibration and real-time identification.
Selectable Batch Processing - New ability to selectively batch process and export motion capture files based on capture status for optimized workflow.
Editable System Objects - Users can now edit the central system objects folder for easier cross-collaboration on marker definitions.
Trimming by Markerset - Scripts to trim captures by individual markersets for simplified post-processing of multi-markerset data.
Rainbow Camera Support -  Integration with Motion Analysis' new Rainbow HD video cameras for high frame rate, synchronized color reference video collection.

A complete set of tools for all applications

Powerful, flexible motion capture software for biomechanics, broadcasting, sports performance, game production, VR, AR, film, research, engineering, and rigid object tracking.
Design digital prototypes for industrial applications
Track broadcast studio cameras in real-time
Capture and identify complex movements
Inform and accelerate animation decisions

Animation & virtual reality

Movement analysis


Industrial & robotics

Captures complex movement, facial expressions, and realistic physical interactions with low-latency results.
Software allows for segmental modeling and real-time streaming.
Uses real-time previsualization data to inform and accelerate animation decisions.
System consists of two skeletons: one constrained by markers to match the mocap subject, and one that matches the animator’s rig.
Compatibility with Maya, MotionBuilder, Unity, and Unreal in both real-time and from data files.
Captures and tracks the subtle movement of sports, equipment, individuals, and entire teams.
Precise data collection and instant translation of that data.
Numerous embedded modules that provide easy-to-use and intuitive interfaces for various applications.
Precise real-time tracking of broadcast studio cameras to create live VR or AR sets quickly and efficiently using CamTrak.
A system that can integrate with all major graphics software solutions.
Ability to track an unlimited number of cameras, as well as the performers’ locations simultaneously.
Calculates the optical axis and nodal point of each studio camera, which will dramatically shorten the camera calibration process.
Enables you to design digital prototypes, saving you time and money.
VRPN server for streaming real time data to a range of engineering, simulation, and virtual reality applications.
Integrated with a wide range of control systems.
Provides accurate and precise low-latency measurements of kinetic movement and body angles.
Can track anything from one subject to an entire squad, in order to cater to the range of potential applications you may need it for.

What you get when you become a licensed Cortex user

Calcium Solver: A powerful, easy-to-use tool to solve captured marker data onto a skeleton. The marker data drives a pre-defined, rigid, hierarchical skeleton definition.
SONIC Viewer: A distributed computing manager that allows you to spread Calcium computations for any number of skeletons over multiple computers.
KinTools RT: The industry’s only self-contained full-body kinetics and kinematics measurement package and custom model creation tool.
DV Reference: Software that allows the simultaneous capture and play-back of reference video data from either a stationary or moving DV camera.
Skeleton Builder:  Create relatively simple, direct and fast calculations of bones that are defined and calculated from one joint center to another.
CamTrak: A system that can track people, objects, and cameras in a broadcast studio, whether it’s a small area in front of a green screen or the entire studio space.
Motion Composer: A tool used to gather, integrate, and present interactive motion capture data in a seamless manner.
Continuous Calibration: A self-diagnosing, self- correcting camera calibration tool, which eliminates wand calibration between multiple users and significantly improves the camera’s accuracy.


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“I am a long-time user of Motion Analysis systems. I like that their solutions have a long lifespan, this allows us to easily add new cameras to the mix as we expand the lab. I also appreciate the robustness of the software, which allows me to customize tests and set up things the way I prefer.”
Robert Catena
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, Washington State University

Cortex integration with BaSix system

BaSix active markers can be used in addition to passive markers and can be used with older editions of Cortex. You can create your prop using the standard prop creation tools. To use the integrated prop solver, you will need Cortex 8 or later. 
All data collections are fully compatible with Cortex, allowing you to load, process, and save data using the most powerful mocap software in the industry. Cortex completely manages motion capture and measurement for all applications including biomechanics, broadcasting, sports performance, game production, VR, AR, film, research, engineering, and rigid object tracking.

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