Motion Analysis provides Cortex, our fully integrated motion capture analysis software package, to allow users in various industries such as sports, universities, and animation to capture, process, measure, and report movement data. Cortex is the most powerful motion capture acquisition and editing software available. It has a unique identification process, offering the fastest and most flexible way to capture and identify complex movements of subjects and objects. Cortex comes with numerous embedded modules that provide easy to use and intuitive interface for various applications, including:

  • Sports and Biomechanics

    Cortex is used by trainers, coaches, researchers, and performance sports product manufacturers to capture and track the subtle movements of products, players, or an entire team. This aids in reporting, coaching and practice sessions, or developing sports clothing, products, and equipment.
  • Clinical Gait Analysis

    Researchers use Cortex to record a subject’s gait, enabling them to better understand human motion. Product designers use Cortex to help develop more effective products.
  • Research

    Researchers in industries such as neuroscience, behavioral science, sports performance, ergonomics, robotics, driving and drone tracking use our Cortex software to create accurate 3D recordings which allow them to measure the movements of human and animal subjects, as well as products and equipment.
  • Education

    Our Cortex software is utilized as a teaching tool by universities and research facilities to aid students in understanding how the body works through the measurement of movements and the use of skeletal models. It can also be used as a validation for drone flight paths, programming mechanical movements in robotics, aiding animation students in creating characters with realistic human movements, or helping to drive user-developed content in various applications, including VR.

Motion Analysis software solutions can also be integrated with various third-party equipment and allow for the ability to export to third-party software.