Vespa: the all-in-one kit for drone tracking

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What’s included?

The collection includes a number of flagship Motion Analysis products in a ready-to-use kit for drone tracking:

Cortex motion capture software

Cortex software is our most powerful and flexible motion capture solution. It combines movement tracking with advanced data capture for a complete mocap setup. 

Cortex, in conjunction with our BaSix active markers, captures and tracks a drone’s movement, processing the data in real-time to precisely identify its whereabouts. The system can be used  on multiple objects simultaneously.

2 Firefly active marker sets

The Firefly is our active marker kit for rigid objects. It’s ideal for drone tracking and is used by data scientists and researchers, as well as for investigative work or recreational use.

It is fully customizable and handy for practical applications with its lightweight frame, optional on/off switch, near-infra-red emitters for motion tracking, and removable LED mounts and rechargeable battery.

When the Firefly is attached to a moving object, Cortex software allows for 6 Degrees of Freedom tracking. This means that if only one camera can see the drone, it will still continue to identify its position and path by tracking the movement of the Firefly’s small active markers.

12 Lhotse active marker cameras

Our active marker cameras work with more than 8 active marker rigs , covering a large volume and working in sync with Cortex software. 

The Vespa package includes 12 Lhotse cameras, but setups can be upgraded to include up to 36 Lhotse cameras if required.

Mocap software built around you

Cortex software, used with Firefly markers, is completely scalable. It’s capable of handling any capture space, ensuring flexibility for your unique application.

Real-time 6DoF positioning data (or record for post-capture analysis)

It’s ideal for advanced autonomous vehicles like quadcopters and AUVs, when accurate and reliable real-time 6DOF (6 degrees of freedom) positioning data is crucial for precise decision-making and situational awareness.

Low latency, high precision

Whether you choose to use our active or passive marker technology you’ll be able to cover large volumes with low latency and high accuracy.

Versatile and weather-resistant

Our motion capture systems are portable and can be weather-resistant, performing flawlessly in outdoor or controlled environments.

Widely compatible

Cortex software supports drivers for major graphics engines, head-mounted displays (HMDs) and eye trackers, providing a versatile solution for various setups.

Seamless integration into VR, AR and CAVE systems

Our technology seamlessly integrates into virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and CAVE systems, expanding the possibilities for immersive experiences.
“When we needed to purchase a second motion capture system, Motion Analysis was our first choice. Not only is the system great to use, but the team is always very helpful. They helped us envision the system setup within the wind tunnel and we are in regular contact with them for tips and advice.”
Chiara Ercolani
Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL)

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