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Create game-changing live VR and AR sets quickly and efficiently.

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The ultimate studio camera tracking solution for VR and AR in broadcast and film productions

Our premium, fully-integrated motion tracking system is powered by intelligent motion capture software called Cortex. The CamTrak feature enables precise real-time tracking of broadcast studio cameras to create live VR or AR sets quickly and efficiently.

In addition to camera tracking, you can track live animated performers, objects, or studio assets within the same system. Ours is the only system on the market that offers this dual functionality. The system is capable of tracking an unlimited number of cameras as well as the performers’ locations simultaneously, while meeting the industry standard of more than 1/100th of a degree in rotational stability and precision.

“The low-latency rigid body tracking our system supports (<6ms) gives an excellent range of speeds for the camera operator, while the lens encoding and distortion calibration solution is more accurate than many alternative systems used in the VFX industry today.”
Richard Southern
Head of Animation Department, Bournemouth University

Cortex 9: Intelligent software designed for rapid motion capture

Our Research and Development team is continually developing new ways to make motion capture and tracking more efficient. We recently released Cortex 9 – the latest edition of our internationally recognized motion capture software. It includes a number of features that set it apart as one of the most advanced mocap software solutions available.

Why choose Cortex for Broadcasting?

It’s the only solution that can track people, objects, and cameras in a broadcast studio, whether it’s a small area in front of a green screen or the entire studio space.
CamTrak is fully integrated with genlock and timecode, along with studio lens calibration tools.
CamTrak calculates the optical axis and nodal point of each studio camera, dramatically shortening the camera calibration process by aligning the virtual camera with the studio camera.
All calibrated studio cameras work from the same global coordinate system, ensuring there’s never a problem with mapping multiple cameras, and no inherent drift in the system.
The system integrates with all major graphics software solutions, and has plugins into Unreal and Unity.

Integrated into your world

Our software integrates with a wide range of third party tools including all the major broadcast graphics providers, Unity, Unreal, VizRT, Brainstorm, Ross.

Premium cameras that offer greater flexibility

Our motion capture cameras offer compact design, high accuracy, and robust performance. All our camera models are all “plug and play,” field upgradeable, and compatible with our other cameras.

Core components of our motion capture system

Cortex software with CamTrak module
Kestrel cameras
Reflective markers

Award-winning innovation

Our team has been creating leading-edge motion capture solutions for decades.

Awards include an Oscar and the IBC innovation Award.

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