Motion Analysis provides accurate and expandable motion capture animation software that allows for the fastest and most effective animation pipeline in the industry. Cortex enables animators to produce a significantly larger amount of animation data compared to traditional animation techniques, reducing overall production costs and post-production time for video game design, VR, television, movies, real-time character animation, simulation, and training.

Cortex’s unique identification process is flexible and efficient, allowing animators and VR developers to capture complex movement, facial expressions, and realistic physical interactions (such as secondary motions, weight, and exchange of forces) with low latency results which can then be rendered in a physically accurate manner. Cortex makes the real-time previsualization process flexible and straightforward by elegantly separating data processing tasks such as tracking, identifying, skeleton solving, and retargeting.

Cortex full body motion capture software features integrated industry-exclusive solvers that allow for easy one-step retargeting and industry standard skeleton creation. The skeleton data generated by Calcium Solver offers the cleanest, highest quality data available for character animation. Cortex includes features such as Golden templates for single-step new subject setup and compatibility with Maya, MotionBuilder, Unity, and Unreal in both real-time and from data files.