Where broadcast networks and biomechanics meet

12 Mar 2021

Out of the office, she’s both a hockey player, coach, and a  mother of two, but in the office, Lucy Keighley, President of Motion Analysis, is responsible for making sure the engine of our business is running smoothly – from sales, to marketing, and everything in between.

With a Masters degree in Sport Biomechanics, and early career experience working in television, in the BBC production team, a job at Motion Analysis was the perfect match. 

“When the company started in 1984, it was looking at medical applications like gait analysis, using them to track how children walk, for example. Now it’s grown into the sports arena, animation and the television world as well. So working here means I get to use both my previous experiences – in television and biomechanics. We moved into the broadcast market in 2007, and funnily enough, one of the first customers I worked with was BBC Sport. They were relocating the entire sports department, which was a huge move, and in the midst of that we installed a  large system for one of the longest running live sports  show.”

Lucy started her career at Motion Analysis back in 2003, first coming onboard as an engineer. As the years went by she was able to experience various roles in the business, from demonstrations, to customer support, to sales, but it was the team, and customers, at Motion Analysis, who played a big role in retaining Lucy for almost two decades. 

“We are a relatively small company but it’s the people that make it what it is today. Most of our team have been working here for many years and that’s because despite being small and spread across the world, our values align and that keeps us connected. And I would say our greatest value is the relationship we have with our customers. Whether it’s developers or sales staff, they make an effort to get to know and to prioritise the needs of our customers above everything. 

In fact, if I were to define success, it would probably be based on our customers. The fact that many of our long term customers continue to choose Motion Analysis, and they trust us, is a big indicator of how we’re tracking as a company, and is a big reason for why I love working here.”

So, after 18 years – what is her advice to any new colleagues at Motion Analysis?

“Do what you enjoy doing, and ask as many questions as you can – there is something new to learn every day and there are so many facets of the business, so get involved in as much as you can.”

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