The student sets his sights on becoming the mocap master – introducing Motion Analysis’ new recruit, Shane Maher

28 Jan 2022

Shane Maher may technically be the new kid on the Motion Analysis block but he’s certainly no stranger to our technology. While completing his Master’s Degree program in Kinesiology, he utilized mocap to collect critical data. His research looked at load carriage among law enforcement agents to better understand how they carry their equipment.

Now taking up a role as a customer support engineer, Shane has a real passion for what we do. And he wants to use this passion to bring film, video game and digital characters to life or to help researchers use mocap technology to conduct scientific research. “Using motion capture and data analysis was a highlight of my graduate program,” he says. And he wants to make sure that Motion Analysis customers have a similar experience.

“My favorite part of this position is going to be lending a helping hand to those looking to create substantial contributions to both the science and art fields,” he explains, noting that he is excited to get the opportunity to expand his knowledge about all things motion capture. “Being new to Motion Analysis, I’m gaining more understanding of all the customers’ requirements and how we can help our clients with their problems.”

Aside from doing installs, Shane will be using this knowledge to respond to service calls, answer client questions and concerns, and train people to use Motion Analysis products. 

Ask him what the most important aspect of his job is and he responds that it’s all about helping clients to better understand mocap systems so that they can create projects that will change the world. While some people strive towards titles and physical accolades, Shane believes that being successful is something that comes from within. 

“For me, being successful is knowing that my help created a valuable solution. A big motivator that helps me come into work daily is the fact that my help contributed to cool and progressive projects that will shape the future of both the sciences and the arts.” And he’s already set his sights on moving up the ladder at Motion Analysis as he learns more and about the company and our customers. 

When Shane isn’t working, you’ll find him enjoying the outdoors or playing ice hockey, baseball/softball or golf.

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