Making inventory and logistics fun with Ramon Contreras

19 May 2022

Ramon Contreras is a fan of solving puzzles. It’s this enthusiasm that piqued his interest in inventory management and logistics. While employed at a large-scale electronics retailer he was given the chance to work across a range of different departments and he quickly realized that he liked the flow and occasional complexity of logistics and materials handling. 

For Ramon, having to fit different pieces together to achieve a desired outcome is his definition of fun. Similarly, when you are packing a crate or pallet, he believes that being a Tetris expert is an absolute essential. On a less physical level, his job demands that he solves puzzles around how to get a product from point A to point B; making sure that all of the necessary boxes are ticked and that the right people are involved to get the product where it needs to go on time. 

As a Logistic Supervisor at Motion Analysis, he works closely with vendors and fellow employees handling everything from purchase orders and shipping to pick kit assembly and inventory and warehouse supply management. A typical day starts with emails; checking for any issues or handling quick questions and then he handles everything from processing new orders and receiving inbound goods to keeping tabs on inventory and prebuilding sub-assemblies. As such, he sometimes thinks of himself as more of a “Professional Materials Handler”.

The value of this work was showcased during the pandemic when global supply chains stuttered leaving businesses without stock. Good supply and logistics management is a very important tool in creating value for customers because it ensures that products are available to more people, which is exactly what Ramon does every day.

The decision to work at Motion Analysis was driven by the particulars of the role itself, he explains. These job specifications were also a good fit for his work experience. Running his own department, he doesn’t have to report to anyone, which he believes gives him an incredible opportunity to learn and grow. 

“Having to wear so many hats keeps everything fresh. I can use what I have learned in the past and learn more as I go along. This also opens up opportunities to create new and improved processes. Once I better understand exactly what we are trying to achieve, I can create the roadmap to reach that goal.”

Understanding the value of the work he does, Ramon is looking forward to being impactful; figuring out how to streamline the warehouse and remove unneeded and/or wasteful processes. 

“This is not just a warehouse job. It requires a lot of thought, planning, spatial awareness and organizational skills. You need to be able to understand priorities and know what’s available so that you can make the best and most cost-effective decisions. With this knowledge, you know exactly when and who to ask for assistance when confronted with a challenge. I realize that it might be surprising for some, but this really is my version of fun.”

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