A career motivated by customer support

14 May 2021

For Emily Schaefer, our recently instituted Director of Product Development and Customer Support, there are a number of things she loves in this world: travelling and being outdoors; spending time with her toy poodle, Stanley; wine-tasting; golfing; and making sure that Motion Analysis customers are her daily priority. 

“Most often, I work with customers, doing tech support, training, installation and more. The most important aspect of my job is establishing a connection with the customer and providing them with a strong foundation in using their motion capture system so they can successfully and efficiently apply the system in the way they need.”

Her journey with Motion Analysis began in 2016, and although she was impressed with the  intuitive and transparent nature of the software (she had previously used Cortex during an internship), she was most excited about the opportunity to be in a customer support role, and to work with customers in all industries, get a chance to meet people using the system and see the environments in which they use it.

“While my background might be in biomechanics, and I’ve often been onsite with people in biomechanics, I’ve also been able to get a glimpse into the world of virtual reality, game development, animation, and broadcast through having a customer-facing role.”

Even in the midst of a pandemic, the opportunity to provide customer support is what helped her to transition to a new way of working. 

“ It took me some time to get into a rhythm at home and claim a space where I could work undistracted.  I have missed seeing coworkers each day but calls with customers have helped make working at home feel less isolating than it would have felt had I not been in a customer-facing role.”

Emily recently took part in a biomechanics webinar hosted by Motion Analysis distributors in Japan, and throughout the process, her biggest takeaway has been the customer support opportunities – being able to connect with people, some of whom she initially installed the system for in her previous role as Support Engineer. 

“It has been a fun, and interesting process to hear of the success stories and learn of ways in which they are using the system and completing projects of their own”, says Emily. “At the end of the day, the customer is what defines success for me in my job and  helping them accomplish their goals, making sure the product will address their needs, and anticipating the future needs is one of my biggest motivators at work.” 

You can watch the full webinar below:

It’s no surprise  that Emily’s biggest piece of advice for any future Motion Analysis colleagues is to “continue putting the customer first and continue pushing the envelope to give the customer the best product we possibly can.”

This is the fourth in our “Meet the Team” series, introducing you to all the incredible people who make up the Motion Analysis family. 


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