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Get the guide to motion capture in a post-COVID-era

23 Oct 2020

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that companies need to rethink the way they work. Operating in tight-knit offices and on sound stages with crowds of people may have had their benefits, but they’re not feasible in 2020 and beyond.

Because of this, we have put together a new ebook to help animation production and development companies transform and adapt their motion capture efforts.

The opportunity is (virtually) huge

The ebook, titled “Motion capture in the post-COVID era,” starts off with a foreword by our own Vice President of Global Sales at Motion Analysis, Lucy Keighly. Lucy explains how living in a post (and current) pandemic world is the ‘new normal,’ but that companies are continuing to grow and expand under all of these new constraints.

In fact, Netflix added 26-million new subscribers by July 2020, while the games industry is expected to reach $283.53 million by 2025. With the buzz around the launch of the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Series S|X consoles, there isn’t a better time to get involved in motion capture.

The experienced contributors

In the motion capture-centric ebook, we interview Goodbye Kansas Studios’ Executive Producer, Anton Söderhäll, and Philip Stilgoe, the CEO of Centroid Motion Capture Studios. Söderhäll has worked with companies like Electronic Arts (EA) and Square Enix over the years, while Stilgoe was part of the production team that worked on the 1998 adaptation of ‘Lost in Space,’ among other projects. Both of these industry veterans bring with them a wealth of information and production experience.

The contributors talk about how work-from-home and social-distancing policies have changed the way they operate, as well as the implementation of working remotely.

Download the ebook and more resources

To read the full insight from both of these leaders, download the ‘Motion capture in the post-COVID era‘ ebook here.

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