Rig Solver

The flexible post-process skeleton solver for animation

Simplify your post-process workflow 
with Rig Solver

Due to popular demand, Rig Solver is now available as a stand-alone module, enabling animation studios to accelerate the process of character animation by streamlining mocap data cleanup and rig fitting.
Rig Solver contains all the same powerful post-processing tools available in our Cortex software.

Powerful data cleanup and skeleton solver

Get access to the best skeleton solver in the business with Calcium Solver
Compatible with C3D import from any marker-based mocap camera system
Fully compatible with MoBu, Maya, Unreal and Unity plugins
Import and fit skeletons, starting with your FBX file
Import and clean data with a full suite of post-process tools
Automate your workflow through customizable script, hot keys, and post-process tools
Process an unlimited number of skeletons and props
SDK for remote control and data streaming
Export takes to FBX for a seamless transition to your animation package of choice
Create and save markersets for rapid post-production data identification

    How does it work?

    1. Simply import data obtained from a range of motion capture cameras, setups and marker systems
    2. Create the Model Pose of the marker cloud
    3. Set up the skeleton to structurally match the model
    4. With the rig positioned correctly inside the marker cloud, joint types can be selected for each segment. When attached to appropriate markers, this allows the rig to be translated, scaled and rotated accordingly to define the model’s movements in line with trajectories gathered from motion capture data.
    5. The resulting skeleton can be viewed in panels separate from the model to assess the quality of the solve and check for any segment adjustments
    6. The resulting movement data can be exported in the preferred FBX file format, industry-leading for humanoid characters, and Rig Solver also supports HTR and C3D file types
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