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When precision, speed and accuracy in motion tracking mean everything,

    Revolutionize your research with cutting-edge motion capture

    When precision, speed and accuracy in motion tracking mean everything, you need a motion capture solution you can trust. Motion Analysis has been providing precise and robust movement tracking solutions to researchers, biomechanists, physiotherapists and robotics teams for four decades.

    Our solutions are powerful but easy to use and incredibly flexible, with a setup solution for any lab, subject or object, from a fruitfly to an elephant, and everything in between.

    Everything you need for fast, accurate movement tracking

    • Full-spec system for precise data collection and instant translation
    • Wide range of highly accurate cameras
    • Reflective passive markers for life sciences
    • Powerful Cortex 9.5 software
    • Integrates with a variety of other acquisition devices
    • Intuitive software interface with modules for a variety 
of applications

    Software built around you

    Cortex 9.5 is packed with features but easy to use. It includes several embedded modules including:
    • KinTools RT: The industry’s only self-contained full-body kinetics and kinematics measurement package and custom model creation tool.
    • DV Reference: Software that allows the simultaneous capture and play-back of reference video data from either 
a stationary or moving DV camera.
    • Skeleton Builder:   Create relatively simple, direct and fast calculations of bones that are defined and calculated from one joint center to another.
    • Motion Composer:  A tool used to gather, integrate, and present interactive motion capture data in a seamless manner.
    • Continuous Calibration:  A self-diagnosing, self- correcting camera calibration tool, which eliminates wand calibration between multiple users and significantly improves the camera’s accuracy.

    Flexible, robust cameras for every situation

    Our Kestrel Plus camera range consists of four camera types, with varying frame rates and resolutions. These cameras offer compact design, high accuracy and robust performance. Rugged, splash proof and built to last, they’re all “plug and play”, field upgradable, and compatible with most of our other cameras.
    "The new tech is very impressive. From a size perspective, everything is getting smaller, the optics are better, the speed is better and these cameras can track much smaller markers."
    Adam Cyr
    Biomechanist, Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital
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