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Introducing our new Reference Video Camera: The Rainbow

21 May 2024

We’re proud to introduce Rainbow – our new line of HD video reference cameras designed to bring synchronized color video seamlessly into the Motion Analysis ecosystem.

An Integrated Reference Video Solution 

We developed the Rainbow cameras to integrate with our optical motion capture workflow. At its core, Rainbow leverages IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) technology to eenable precise  synchronization between the HD video stream and data captured from from our Thunderbird motion cameras. They will also work with Kestrel and other camera ranges.

This tight sync integration, combined with Rainbow’s impressive specs like Full-HD resolution at over 80 fps, and full vibrant color imaging, allows users to incorporate multiple HD camera views with lens-mapped video and 3D workspaces overlays. The resulting outputs are highly compressed AVI video files compatible with virtually any third-party video editing, analysis or markerless tracking tool.

Simple, Flexible Setup 

Powerful integrated video is only half of what makes Rainbow a game-changer. We’ve also ensured that these cameras are easy to incorporate into your motion capture volume or studio setup.

Rainbow uses standard C-mount lenses, putting the industry’s full range of optics at your disposal for coverage flexibility. Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows for a single ethernet cable run to each camera with 150 feet of reach, or more. A typical set up will have 6 Rainbow cameras but 8 channels or more is possible with high end PC hardware.

Whether you’re looking to add context with static wide shots or dynamic tracking cameras, configuring multi-angle video reference  is easy.

Empowering intelligent data visualization

With Rainbow’s ability to provide synchronized, high-fidelity color video streams precisely aligned to optical motion capture data, we’re empowering our users to take their movement analysis capabilities to new heights. Sports scientists can cross-reference player biomechanics to multi-angle video for deeper insights. Biomechanists can have HD video with lens mapped fidelity for vector overlays.  Animators can have multiple reference viewpoints for their shot-log.

Rainbow HD video cameras are now available to our global customer base.

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