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Canadian Sport Institute Calgary: motion capture can create The Margin of Victory

08 Jun 2022

At Motion Analysis, we are looking to showcase the great work undertaken by our clients in using motion capture technology.

For this edition, we will take a look into how Canadian Sport Institute Calgary works with athletes to maximize their performance.

The mission statement for Canadian Sport Institute Calgary (CSI Calgary) is fairly simple: make sure that athletes get the attention they need to progress in their careers while inspiring the next generation of gold medallists. They are a committed not-for-profit business, offering support through collaboration with coaches and sport science experts. 

The institution was founded in 1994 and partners with multiple nationwide sporting organizations. These include, but are not limited to, Alpine Canada, Triathlon Canada and Wrestling Canada. Through the use of its state of the art training and testing facility, CSI Calgary aims to nurture elite and Olympic-standard athletes using services to help them get fitter and improve performance: physiotherapy, nutrition, sport psychology, medicine, and biomechanics. 

Its own subsidiary Sport Product Testing (SPT) is used particularly for the latter. Using the advanced equipment and analytical tools from the training ground, SPT researches how the effectiveness of sport products and apparel affects performance levels. 

Part of SPT’s capabilities includes motion capture software through Motion Analysis Corporation. This is particularly useful considering the range of sports that partner with CSI Calgary. Luge, skiing, hockey, and track cycling make up just some, and each require extremely sport-specific skills and different muscle functions. Athletes from a wide pool of disciplines can work with researchers and biomechanic specialists to track their movements and understand action areas that are used the most. It can be traced and illustrated using 3D motion capture software. With this knowledge, how an athlete can be trained further for maximum performance can be determined. 

The work of the strength and conditioning team at CSI Calgary covers a great deal of knowledge in rehabilitation, performance, the application of force exhibited by various sportspeople, and analytical data. To find out more, the organization has put together a useful explainer about how their coaches’ techniques can be put into practice in their training and testing facility.

Motion capture technology is an innovative way to assist athletes pursue their dreams of podium positions in world-leading competitions. It is extremely exciting to see how CSI Calgary can use it to its fullest advantages and help to create ‘the margin of victory’ in Canada’s top sportspeople.

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