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02 Jul 2020

Motion Analysis held a mobile capture training workshop for our teachers and students.

Shanghai Film Academy
From December 5 to 13, 2019, technical engineers of the Motion Analysis company came to the newly put into use motion capture studio of Shanghai Film College of Shanghai University, which brought a motion capture workshop for teachers and students of Shanghai Film College of Shanghai University. Zhang Jialiang (Frank Zhang), a special expert of Shanghai Film College of Shanghai University, Wang Tianyi and Chen Kai, professional teachers of film and Television Engineering Department of Shanghai Film College, Zhang Xuan Chen, professional teachers of the photography department, and many students from various specialities participated in the workshop.

Motion Analysis is the world’s largest manufacturer of optical motion capture systems, specializing in providing users with 3D optical motion capture systems. The system can carry out the most accurate motion capture, six degrees of freedom measurement, micro-motion measurement and three-dimensional platform motion measurement. Motion Analysis provides industry users with a preferred motion capture system. The real-time function enables the user to observe a certain subtle action of the target at the same time. Powerful function, simple installation, convenient operation and precise measurement make motion analysis digital capture lens become the standard configuration of motion capture. The accuracy of the system is as high as 0.1mm. The mature motion analysis digital image capture and analysis system have provided perfect solutions for nearly 1000 users around the world, involving motion analysis, animation production, industrial measurement and control and other fields. 80% of animation and game studios in the world use motion analysis system. For example, “the Rise Planet of the Apes”, “Avatar”, “the Lord of Ring”, “Matrix”, “I, Robot”, “Final Fantasy” and many other Hollywood VFX films use this system for production.

The motion capture studio of Shanghai Film Academy of Shanghai University is a studio built by the academy to develop its own disciplinary advantages and help the construction of the international film and television industrial park around Shanghai University in Jing’an District, which lasted for two years. The whole motion capture studio is composed of 80 Motion Analysis Cameras, with an area of about 1400 square meters. It can support up to 10 people to collect the dynamic capture data at the same time, and the dynamic capture accuracy can reach up to 0.1mm. No matter from the field scale, the number of dynamic capture cameras or the dynamic capture accuracy, it is in the leading position in the domestic motion capture studios of the same type.

Teachers from the Department of film and television engineering and photography, as well as students from digital media technology, film production, animation, editing and directing, and film and television photography and production, participated in the 8-day training. Motion Analysis engineers covered the basic principles of motion capture, the calibration of motion capture camera, the calibration of scene accuracy, the installation of mark points of motion capture actors, the establishment of virtual roles, the capture of motion data, the correction of data, the on-site real-time preview and the installation of virtual shooting system. Technical engineers explained every subject in a simple way to ensure that the teachers and students participating in the training can really master the system, and our engineers will patiently answer questions.

In the afternoon of December 12, the Motion Analysis engineering team also came to Room 502, the fourth teaching building, Yanchang campus, Shanghai University, and gave a lecture on motion analysis motion capture system for our teachers and students. Many teachers and students attended the lecture.

The completion of the motion capture studio of Shanghai Film College of Shanghai University marks that Shanghai University has become the only domestic university with Hollywood level motion capture studio. In the future, Motion capture studio will play a role in teaching and production and see the figure of Shanghai Film Academy of Shanghai University in more films.

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