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BaSix, Classic, or Hybrid? Invest in the best motion capture system for you.

12 Jan 2021

As the use of motion capture systems becomes the norm in various industries, from gaming to biomechanics, to film, the software and types of systems available are changing. 

Perhaps you’re running a small animation studio and need a system that’s uncomplicated to set up and cost effective. The best system for you may be quite different from the best system for someone working in biomechanics who needs an unlimited range of cameras. 

To make sure you put your money into the most suitable motion capture system for your needs, let’s have a look at the three different systems Motion Analysis offers and how they can benefit you.

Comparison of motion capture systems


The benefits of motion capture without a complicated setup…or a suit 

Our BaSix Motion Capture System is a great lightweight and affordable option for animation studios, game developers, and previz purposes, and the best part is that it’s suitless!

For under $20K you can get your hands on a system that will help you differentiate your studio and create high-quality 3D characters quickly, with the use of only six BaSix active markers per subject. The BaSix Go software is easy-to-use and integrates with all major animation packages, including Maya, Motion Builder, Unreal and Unity. 

If you’re looking to simplify and speed up the animation and previz process with software in under one minute, without a mocap suit, this is the system for you. 

A full-spec system for larger-scale projects and precise calibration

Whether you want to:

  • design digital prototypes; 
  • capture and identify complex movements of subjects and objects; 
  • separate data processing tasks such as tracking, identifying, skeleton solving, and retargeting; -or track broadcast studio cameras in real-time to create live VR or AR sets,

our Classic Motion Capture System, which uses Cortex software, our most advanced mocap software yet, is the right choice for you. This premium system is internationally recognized and trusted by industry leaders – from Apple and Google to Ford and BBC – and will equip you with a complete set of the tools needed for motion tracking and editing. 

Incorporate the benefits of BaSix into the classic system you already have

Perhaps you already own the classic system, but the idea of suitless markers, or the effortlessness of BaSix Go software, has piqued your interest. 

The great news is that you can also design your own Hybrid Motion Capture System, which can run either off Cortex Software with user defined models or BaSix Go Software with BaSix Go models, and works with both the BaSix Active Markers as well as the Reflective Passive Markers. This would involve our Kestrel Cameras or Raptor-12 cameras being used as part of the BaSix system. 

Check out this helpful diagram below which sums up all the features: 



So, whether you’re looking for a quick, entry-level mocap system or you need something better equipped for high spec motion capture and analysis, we’ve got something to meet your needs.

Get in touch with our friendly sales team to learn more and book a demo of the system you’re interested in today!

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