Our story

Motion Analysis Corporation has been an international industry leader in motion capture technology for 40 years.
Founded in Santa Rosa in 1982, we quickly established ourselves as an innovative force in the motion capture world. Since then, we’ve worked closely with renowned specialists to create continuously cutting-edge hardware and software solutions for a wide range of industries including video game design, studio broadcasting, AR, VR, biomechanics, product development, robotics, and ergonomics.
“I have used a number of different motion capture systems, but I like Motion Analysis for the quality of data produced; the software interface; the customer support; and the ability a user has to change and customise a lot of capture settings.”
Dr. Franky Mulloy
Lecturer in Biomechanics, University of Lincoln

Our values

Commitment to customers

Everything we do is driven by our customers. Our engineers, developers, and support agents work hard to understand your world and create solutions that exceed expectations.


We invest in research and development and use the insights gained to fuel our creativity and problem-solving efforts. This enables us to develop innovative, award-winning solutions that drive success for our customers.


We value honesty, fairness, accountability and trust. It’s not always easy, but we encourage our people to always do the right thing.

Continuous learning

We want our employees to improve their knowledge and learn new skills on an ongoing basis. This is how we ensure our business is future-ready so we can create the tools our customers need to become future-ready themselves.


Ease of use is central to our solution design philosophy. We aren’t distracted by fads or trends, but instead focus on building the best mocap solutions in the world.

Want to join our team?

We’re often looking for talented individuals to join our team.

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