Discover new frontiers and our latest launch for animation studios at SIGGRAPH 2023

Animation events come no bigger than SIGGRAPH. As the world’s premier computer graphics and interactive techniques conference, SIGGRAPH 2023 is shaping up to be a major force in moving the needle for motion capture in visual effects and production across the board—from film to broadcasting, gaming, research, art, and design. 

The three-day Los Angeles exhibition is just around the corner, with the full event taking place from August 6 to 10. Our team is ready to embrace exciting breakthroughs within animation mocap, where we will be exhibiting our software’s latest features, as well as our stand-alone flexible skeleton solver module, Rig Solver, to help improve post-production for character animators. 

Experience the grounds of innovation

At industry events of this scale, character animators have the chance to discover even more advanced mocap software, techniques, and applications to render life-like virtual worlds the likes we haven’t seen before, and this is the premier event for you to be a part of the action. 

As the driving force behind computer graphics and animation events, SIGGRAPH is celebrating its 50th year in style, chronicling the global community’s past and showcasing the creative minds and technologies fueling the industry’s future. As part of that worldwide community, your event ticket gives you access to invaluable keynote talks, VR experiences, and forums covering hot topics such as augmented reality and the metaverse, AI graphics, 3D animation, and data visualization, including talks from famed studios such as Weta Workshop. 

Alongside a job fair for aspiring visual artists, the animation event provides you with networking opportunities to interact with leading talents in their associated fields in the exhibition hall, and to try out new mocap software for yourself.

Bringing Rig Solver to the stage

We will be exhibiting at Booth 245, ready to showcase our easy-to-use Rig Solver module for post production capabilities.  

As you will know, constructing realistic movement is a challenge requiring speedy and accurate skeleton solving capabilities. Due to popular demand for our ‘Calcium Solver’ skeleton calculation tool within our mocap system, we have now launched Rig Solver as a stand-alone module to simplify post process workflows. 

While skeletons are traditionally moved using keyframing, motion capture records and tracks the realistic movements of actors in real-time onto a mapped rig. Rig Solver works as a flexible skeleton solver that can reposition, translate, scale, and rotate each part of a tricky bone or joint movement within a rig to fit marker trajectories gathered from motion capture data.

Rig Solver’s functionality means marker sets can be replaced and created, and resulting movement data can be exported in industry-leading FXB file formats, also supporting HTR and C3D file types. Also able to clean up data imported from a range of mocap cameras, setups and marker systems, Rig Solver easily fits into a post-processing pipeline as a complete, cost-effective solution for character animators.

See you there!

Find us at our stand, Booth 245, in the exhibition hall for a chat and to learn all about our motion capture cameras and solutions. We look forward to seeing you there and connecting with the worldwide animation and VFX community, and you can follow all of our updates during the event across our social channels.

If you’re not able to catch us at the event, be sure to explore Rig Solver here.