Join us at these upcoming biomechanics conferences

As we speed through the year, biomechanics conferences are well underway and buzzing with innovative ideas. Providing a welcome experience to network with researchers, practitioners, and clinicians face to face, industry events inspire the sharing of insightful perspectives and findings to anyone involved in biomechanics—or those looking to move into the sector.

Alongside advancements in motion capture technology, forward steps in sport product testing, robotics, medicine, gait analysis, rehabilitation, and data collection are all current trends fuelling discussion in 2023 and highlighting the outstanding work of leading and up-and-coming biomechanics academics.

After compiling a list of the year’s best industry events for biomechanics, we are looking forward to meeting valued colleagues old and new at these two US-based conferences in the near future.

ACSM 2023

When: May 30th – June 2nd
Where: Denver, CO, USA

This Tuesday sees the start of the ACSM Annual Meeting and World Congresses. The yearly conference, hosted by the American College of Sports Medicine, is a flagship event for sport fitness, healthcare, and treatment professionals. 

We will be exhibiting at Booth #100, and we are again proud to sponsor the ACSM Biomechanics Interest Group’s Career Achievement Award, which recognizes the great achievements of upcoming scientists in the field of biomechanics. 

The event is an invaluable opportunity for budding students and experts to network, share career advice and watch mocap applications for biomechanics in action. Attendees can immerse themselves in personal workshops, learn from over 1,500 case presentations, or join online to watch 13 hours of unique content and recorded live sessions. 

We are excited to meet you and to explore the future of the industry in Denver very soon. 

Human Movement Variability and Great Plains Biomechanics Conferences

When: June 5th – 6th
Where: Omaha, NE, USA

Shortly after, our team will also be exhibiting at a dual event at the University of Nebraska Omaha

Home to the Human Movement Variability Conference for its eighth edition, the annual event focuses on student-centred discussion regarding human movement research and is run by the university’s Center for Research in Human Movement Variability and the Department of Biomechanics. 

The event space will also host the Great Plains Biomechanics Conference. Keynote speakers and podium sessions bring together around 100 academics, investigators, and scientists from around the world to explore progressive biomechanics topics including vascular mechanics, bioprinting and much more. Guest speakers include Dr. Beatrix Vereijken from Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Dr. Bill Baltzopoulos from Liverpool John Moores University.

These two Omaha-based biomechanics conferences are being held solely on premises and in-person for the first time since the pandemic, and we are keen to discuss motion capture for biomechanics with the wider community. Come say hi!

See you soon

With plenty more mocap industry events still to come in 2023, there are a range of excellent opportunities to learn new trends, applications and technologies that continue to move the biomechanics world forward.

If you are attending these or any other biomechanics conferences in 2023, let us know via LinkedIn or Twitter.

2023’s integral biomechanics industry events to keep the future in motion

In the motion capture world, there are always fresh skills to be honed, boosting our understanding of human movement and the technology needed to measure it. And with each new year comes another chance to network with like-minded industry professionals at conferences which are, excitingly, returning to fully in-person events. 

Since we last visited biomechanics events in 2022, the space has only grown in scope, catering to even greater niches of expertise. Advancing rehabilitation techniques, increasing elite sport performance analysis, and further understanding the effects of fitness on personal health are expanding, backed by rapidly developing mocap technology. 

As we have similarly kickstarted the year offering our Vespa package, the Firefly and a new range of BaSix cameras, we look forward to seeing how our new mocap product lines are going to benefit the biomechanics community while learning more about what the future may hold for professionals of all levels with the industry. 

Here are the key biomechanics conferences we’re most looking forward to in 2023.

ACSM 2023

When: May 30th – June 2nd
Where: Denver, CO, USA

The annual meeting for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) returns for a hybrid event. There will be over 1,500 clinical and abstract case presentations and hands-on workshops, plus over 50 hours of recorded live sessions for online attendees showcasing brand new applications of mocap treatment and sports medicine. Well suited for fitness, healthcare, and biomechanic industry heads, it is also open to students or industry newcomers for mentoring and career advice. We are happy to sponsor the Career Achievement Award for the ACSM Biomechanics Interest Group for another year, rewarding innovators of mocap and exercise applications for personal health improvement. 

Human Movement Variability and Great Plains Biomechanics Conferences

When: June 5th – 6th
Where: Omaha, NE, USA

Since 2016, the University of Nebraska Omaha has hosted the Human Movement Variability Conference – a student-led meeting and discussion forum focused on biomechanics research. This year the event coincides with the fourth edition of the Great Plains Biomechanics Conference, featuring keynotes hosted by clinicians and academics on forward-thinking techniques in vascular mechanics, robotics, and bioprinting. We sponsored two Best Scientific Impact awards in 2022, and we are excited to announce our return to sponsor this upcoming event and awards, now fully in-person following the pandemic. 

GCMAS 2023

When: June 26th – 28th
Where: High Point, NC, USA

As an organization covering many bases in biomechanics (engineers, health experts and physicians), and committed to advancing scientific knowledge of human movement and function since 1995, the Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society is celebrating its 28th Annual Meeting. Hosted in North Carolina by High Point University’s Congdon School of Health Sciences, it proves to be a pivotal in-person event exploring how to improve quality of life through body function. Assistive devices and orthopedics are covered, alongside pathological motion and gait analysis methods for improved sport performance. 

ISBS Annual Conference

When: July 12th – 16th
Where: Milwaukee, WI, USA

As part of its world-stop of rotations, this year’s International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS) takes place in Wisconsin. One of the leading events for those in engineering, rehabilitation, elite sport, and computer science, it provides an open forum for practitioners and scientists to discuss their research into human movement, performance and the landmark technology behind it all. Also featuring keynote lectures from esteemed guest speakers – university lecturers, injury prevention specialists, and even basketball analysts – it’s not one to be missed.

ISB/JSB 2023

When: July 30th – August 3rd
Where: Fukuoka, Japan

The 50th birthday party for the world’s largest (and oldest) worldwide society of its kind – the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) – sees them joining forces with the Japanese Society of Biomechanics for its annual Congress. Based in Fukuoka, they are celebrating their contributions to biomechanics education and innovation, while looking ahead to future developments. With its featured lecture showcasing ISB’s pioneering women, the event will also host international experts and interactive tutorials on timely topics such as machine learning. 

ASB 2023

When: August 8th – 11th
Where: Knoxville, TN, USA

With 950 active members from industry, academia, and government agencies, the American Society of Biomechanics’ annual meetup brings together its regional and national associations for four days of expert insight. Seven practical workshops are available, with the opportunity for members to design personalized neurorehabilitation treatments and gain tutorials on cutting-edge data collection tools. Its prestigious awards ceremony celebrates up-and-coming researchers and practitioners, as well as its Borelli award for long-term contributions to the biomechanics field, named after Renaissance Italian physiologist, Giovanni Alfonso Borelli.


When: TBC
Where: TBC

Established in 2020, the American Baseball Biomechanics Society is an exciting not-for-profit endeavor looking to revolutionize biomechanical analysis and research specifically for the baseball space. Working with coaches, players, and teams, the society also looks to partner with specialist organizations to better data analysis and mocap research within the sport. We have recently joined ABBS, and are excited to present to the group for their June meeting, with the society’s annual events yet to be announced. Watch this space!

If you are attending any of the conferences above in 2023 or would like to share any others with us, let us know via LinkedIn or Twitter.