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    Motion Analysis is trusted by:

    Exceptional technology for movement analysis

    We offer a fully-integrated motion tracking system powered by our state-of-the-art motion capture software, Cortex.

    Trusted by leading researchers, educators, coaches, and biomechanists around the world, Cortex enables you to capture and track subtle movements of humans, animals, objects, sports equipment, individuals, and teams of any size, from dragonflies to elephants.

    It’s also used to validate drone flight paths, program mechanical movements in robotics, create 3D animated characters with realistic human movements, and to drive user-developed content in various applications, including VR.

    Tracking, streaming, and modeling modules are available in a variety of usage-specific packages or you can customize the system to meet your movement analysis needs. Either way, you’re guaranteed precise data collection and analysis, fast, for many applications, in real time.

    Cortex 9: Intelligently designed software for rapid motion capture

    Our Research and Development team is continually investigating new ways to make 3D movement analysis more efficient. We recently released Cortex 9 – the latest edition of our internationally renowned motion capture software. It includes a number of features that set it apart as one of the most advanced mocap solutions available.

    Why choose Cortex?

    Unparalleled quality, speed, and usability.
    Allows you to collect more precise movement analysis data faster, increasing efficiency.
    Enables you to rapidly create 3D trajectories and readily model a subject’s anatomical movements - no matter how subtle.
    Flexible: for human, animal and robotic motion capture.
    Anything you can place a marker on, our system can track.
    Widely integrated with well-respected software and complementary hardware.

    Key features of Cortex software include:

    Skeleton Builder: a powerful tool for defining hierarchical skeletons with precisely defined joint centers.
    BioFeedTrack: A versatile tool that uses data collected by Cortex and provides multimedia feedback based on user defined values.
    KinTools RT: Adds to Skeleton Builder and calculates kinetics from either integrated Force Platforms or free-modelled inertial properties.
    Motion Composer: A tool to gather, integrate, and present interactive motion capture data in a seamless manner.
    DV Reference: Software that allows the synchronized capture and play-back of reference video data from either a stationary or moving video camera.

    Integrated into your world

    Our software integrates with a wide range of third party equipment including AMTI Force Platforms, Delsys EMG systems, Kistler Force Platforms, National Instruments (analog to digital converters), Tec Gihan Digital Platforms, Tobii Pro2 Glasses, Basler GigE cameras, Flir cameras, and more.

    Premium cameras that offer greater flexibility

    Our motion capture cameras offer compact design, high acuity, and robust performance. All our camera models are “plug and play,” field upgradeable, and powered through Ethernet cables.

    Washington State University uses Motion Analysis technology for gait analysis

    “I am a long-time user of Motion Analysis systems. I like that their solutions have a long lifespan, this allows us to easily add new cameras to the mix as we expand the lab. I also appreciate the robustness of the software, which allows me to customize tests and set up things the way I prefer.”
    Robert Catena
    Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, Washington State University
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