Motion capture cameras

No matter where you are on your mocap journey,
we’ve got a camera to suit.

Premium cameras that offer greater flexibility

We offer two ranges of cameras: our BaSix camera range, which enables you to start off “light” and advance your system over time; and our Kestrel camera range, which offers premium motion capture.

Some cameras work with our BaSix Go software (as part of the BaSix system), others are compatible only with Cortex (our premium system), and some are compatible with both.

Both ranges include cameras that are compatible with our new Firefly flexible active marker set, a system designed for rigid object tracking and ideal for drone tracking and other industrial applications.

If you need some help deciding which cameras are best, please get in touch - we’d be happy to help!

BaSix cameras: suitless mocap with rapid set up

This family of cameras offers a simple and robust design. They all work with our Active Marker Rigs (AMRs) along with our revolutionary Ikendo Character Skeleton.Subject setup can be completed in under a minute and the AMRs batteries last all day.

Each AMR is a self-contained unit, with no base station required. Recessed LEDs minimize damage and LEDs can be arranged in multiple configurations for unique prop s or multiple subjects.

Kestrel Plus: Premium cameras for advanced mocap

The Kestrel Plus range consists of four cameras, with varying frame rates and resolution. These cameras offer compact design, high accuracy and robust performance. They’re all “plug and play”, field upgradable, and compatible with most of our other cameras.

Introducing the Firefly active marker kit

Ideal for drones, robots and many other applications where a rigid body needs to be tracked, the Firefly active marker kit works with any MAC camera (except the BaseCam) and Cortex software.
Designed for industrial and engineering applications
Choose the number, position and orientation of the active markers
Use with Cortex software

The kit includes:

8 NIR LEDS (4 mounting points)
Driver board (2 mounting points)
3.7V rechargeable battery (USB chargeable) removable to save weight if power available
Three-way switch 6/8/off removable to save weight
“I am a long-time user of Motion Analysis systems. I like that their solutions have a long lifespan, this allows us to easily add new cameras to the mix as we expand the lab. I also appreciate the robustness of the software, which allows me to customize tests and set up things the way I prefer.”
Robert Catena
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, Washington State University

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