Introducing our new range of cost-effective motion capture cameras

Making mocap more affordable

This month we officially launched our new range of motion capture cameras!

Traditionally – and for 40 years – we have been best known for developing high-end passive marker systems. Now we’re making mocap more accessible and affordable for smaller studios. 

Introducing BaSix, our new range of cameras

The BaSix camera family consists of the three “light” cameras (in ascending order of capability): BaseCam, the Icefall, and the Lhotse. 

These cameras are used with active marker rigs (BaSix markers) and either BaSix Go software or our premium solution, Cortex.

The range is designed to help smaller 3D animation and gaming studios start their own mocap journeys, with the entry-level system (using BaseCams) starting at $20,000.

Build your own motion capture system – and upgrade it as needed

The entry-level BaSix system includes 12 BaseCam motion capture cameras, 8 active markers that can be strapped onto the body in a few minutes, and BaSix Go software.

Over time, you can easily expand and enhance your mocap system by adding more advanced cameras – either the Icefall or Lhotse. And both of these cameras are fully upgradable, so when you’re ready to dive deeper into mocap, simply send your cameras back to us and we’ll upgrade them to our premium Kestrels for advanced mocap.

Learn more and get started

To find out more about the BaSix camera family and how it works, please contact our friendly team. Or if you want to do a bit of research and see how the specs compare, please visit our website.