Applications Operations Guide

Motion Analysis Corp Applications are software options within Cortex that provide application-specific calculations and reports. Using trials generated with Cortex and just a few button clicks, the operator can generate relevant biomechanical data and reports that can then be presented to the patient/athlete or clinician/coach. This website contains instructional guides for using the Applications. Each guide includes text, images, example data, and video tutorials.

Click on your Application below.

BattingTrak: Baseball and Softball Hitting Assessment
FootTrak: Rearfoot and Forefoot Movement Assessment
LiftTrak: Lower Back Assessment during Lifting
GaitTrak: Full Body Walking Gait Assessment
GolfTrak: Golf Swing Assessment
JumpTrak: Vertical Jumping and Jump Landing Assessment
PitchTrak: Baseball Pitching Assessment
RunTrak: Assessment of the Hips and Legs During Running
Templating: Using Templates