Sports Biomechanics

Cortex motion capture software offers an efficient solution for sports biomechanics assessments. Used by industry professionals worldwide, Cortex allows you to accurately capture, track, and measure a subject’s movements. This data can then be used to improve performance, prevent injury, or develop treatment. With the most complete set of visualization tools, our motion capture software is the best solution for precise biomechanics of sport and exercise. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.

What is Sports Biomechanics, and How is it Used?

Biomechanics is the science and study of the movement of living beings. Sports biomechanics is a subfield focused on studying the mechanics of movement during athletic activities or exercise. This includes looking at how forces interact, as well as the effect of those forces on the body. Biomechanics of sport and exercise can explain how and why the body moves as it does. For example, in baseball, sports biomechanics would include the interplay between the athlete, the environment, and the athletic equipment.

Biomechanics of sport and exercise is used in several ways. Researchers and educators can use it to study or explain how the laws of physics affect the function of the human body. It can be utilized by coaches and trainers to study an athlete’s performance or to compare the performance of several athletes. Biomechanics can identify the optimal technique for athletic activities or exercise, thereby limiting the risk of injury. Physical therapists can use biomechanics to develop treatment plans and improve recovery time.

Cortex has embedded add-on modules which provide measurements for specific activities. These include:

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