Sport Motion Analysis Coaching Training Systems

Sports motion analysis coaching training systems are the surest way for athletes to reduce injuries and improve performance. Training sessions can be improved using scientific data rather than subjective observations. Cortex motion capture software provides a complete set of visualization tools for a variety of athletic activities. It’s capable of capturing and identifying even the most complex movements of subjects and objects. Cortex is also upgradable with a number of solutions for the assessment of sport-specific movements. Contact us today to request a quote.

What is Sport Motion Analysis?

Sport motion analysis looks at the biomechanics of athletes using motion capture software, cameras, and markers. Many sports involve subtle, complex movements and high velocities. These are difficult to assess accurately using 2D video. Motion capture software allows for these movements to be assessed in depth in 3D. Sports motion analysis is primarily used to:

At the highest level of a sport, a player’s availability and games missed due to injury affect the entire team’s performance and success. By studying a player’s technique and reducing the risk of injury, a sports team can improve their overall performance and stay competitive.

Sports motion analysis coaching and training systems provide athletes and coaches with objective data that helps them understand and improve upon performance. Many coaches rely on what they observe in real-time to develop their coaching decisions. Research has shown that coaches are only able to recall about 40% of the performance factors they’ve observed. This means that they aren’t utilizing the full picture. Using sports motion analysis coaching and training systems, coaches can track and capture even the most subtle movements. This data can then be used to take a more holistic approach to training.

We offer complete motion capture packages, including software, motion capture cameras, and markers. Additional packages are available for tracking and measurement of specific activities, including:

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