Physical Therapy Motion Capture

Physical therapy motion capture is becoming increasingly common in the medical industry. Utilizing the same technology used in creating animated characters for film and broadcast, doctors and physical therapists can make more informed assessments and treatment. Our software, Cortex, makes motion capture physical therapy streamlined and simplified. For over 35 years, professionals from a wide range of industries have used our motion capture technology to improve processes, improve quality of life, and save time and money. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.

How is Motion Capture Used in the Medical Industry?

Motion capture is used in a variety of medical settings, including:

Injury diagnosis and physical therapy have particularly benefited from the use of motion capture. Motion capture helps physical therapists understand the movements of a patient so they can better address their needs. Physical therapists can examine how certain movements apply stress to joints, muscles, or ligaments. Using this data, they can develop more effective treatment plans.

Cortex has several specialized solutions for use in motion capture physical therapy and sports biometrics. We also offer addition embedded software solutions. GaitTrak and RunTrak are designed for accurate, quick, and simplified walking and running gait analysis. The data from these solutions can be used to indicate inclinations toward injury or to examine the technique and power outage of each leg. Additionally, we offer activity specific additions for sports biometrics, including:

We also offer complete motion capture packages including, low-latency mocap cameras and marker sets. Would you like to learn more about how Cortex motion capture software can improve your organization’s physical therapy? Contact us today by calling +1 (707) 579-6521 or email us at [email protected].