Baseball Motion Capture

Cortex is a powerful tool for baseball motion capture. It offers an accurate way to track, measure, and assess the biomechanics of athletes. Using motion capture data, coaches and trainers can identify ways to increase performance and maximize training sessions. Additional solutions are available for baseball-specific movements, such as pitching and batting. Our baseball motion capture technology is the best way for your team to achieve goals, prevent injury, and gain a competitive edge. Contact us today to place your order or request a quote.

Why Use Motion Capture for Baseball?

Baseball involves complex movements and high velocities that are difficult to capture using 2D video. With baseball motion capture technology, each subtle movement of the player can be tracked and captured in 3D. This provides a complete view for assessment, training, injury prevention, and research.

We offer two additional solutions for baseball motion capture: PitchTrak and BattingTrak. PitchTrak measures critical biomechanical parameters during left-handed and right-handed baseball pitching. PitchTrak produces a complete kinetic and kinematic report of the upper body, as well as measurements on the player’s technique. Likewise, BattingTrak measures and tracks the player’s biomechanical parameters during left or right-handed baseball hitting swings. BattingTrak includes a complete kinetic and kinematic report of the upper, as well as stance and step length and width. Both solutions can be used to show whether a player’s technique puts them at risk of injury or to examine the progress of a player over time. Additionally, it can be used to compare the biomechanics among players. BattingTrak and PitchTrak are add-ons for Cortex. Both solutions are easy to set up. They feature an intuitive user interface and printable reports.

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