Motion Capture Suit

Motion capture systems have traditionally required the use of a motion capture suit to track the movements of a subject. Motion Analysis now offers BaSix, our suitless full-body active markers. BaSix markers use configurable LED arrays that can be equipped by the subject in under a minute. Without the use of a mocap suit, subjects have more freedom of movement and getting set up for motion capture takes significantly less time. Whether you're developing a training program, creating animated characters, or measuring an athlete's performance, our BaSix tracking markers make the process more efficient and streamlined. BaSix is compatible with all Motion Analysis systems and older editions of Cortex. Contact us today to request a quote on our mocap systems.

How Does Motion Capture Work?

Motion capture, also called mocap, is a process of digitally tracking, capturing, and recording the movement of people or objects. It's a technique that's commonly used in the entertainment industry for use in video games or movies, although it has broad applications for a wide range of industries. The movements are captured using tracking cameras, and the movement data is then sent to a computer that has motion capture software installed. The data is then used to create 3D digital characters, measure movement, conduct ergonomic studies, inform physical therapy treatment, or develop virtual prototypes and training programs.

Traditional markers need to be used with a motion capture suit. They need to be applied very precisely for the system to accurately track and capture data. BaSix makes preparing for motion tracking quick, easy, and efficient. BaSix uses six active markers that are equipped on six key locations of the body:
  • The tops of each hand (secured by gloves)
  • The tops of both feet (secured by foot straps)
  • The top of the head (secured by a visor)
  • The rear waist (secured by a belt)
All tracking is done optically. The markers are extremely durable, with recessed LEDs to protect them from damage. As self-contained units, they don't require the use of a base station. BaSix has a long battery life and can typically perform all day with a single charge. They can also be used in addition to passive markers and a mocap suit. While BaSix is compatible with older versions of Cortex, you will need Cortex 8 or later to use the integrated prop solver. If you'd like to learn more about BaSix or our motion capture systems, give us a call at +1 (707) 579-6521 or fill out our online form.