Motion Capture Software

Cortex is the most powerful motion capture software available. Our software is utilized worldwide by a variety of industries, including biomechanics, entertainment, virtual reality, engineering, education, and movement analysis. Regardless of the application, Cortex allows you to streamline and speed up processes. Our motion capture software is intuitive, straightforward, and flexible enough to meet the needs of any industry. For more than 35 years, Motion Analysis has been on the cutting edge of motion capture technology. Contact us today to learn more about our full body motion capture systems or request a quote.

What is Motion Capture Software?

Motion capture (also known as mocap) is the process of tracking and recording the movement of a subject or object. The data from motion capture can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The application that most people are familiar with is for use in the entertainment industry. Animators can use motion capture data to render realistic 3D characters with lifelike, fluid movements.

The uses of motion capture software go far beyond entertainment, however. Some other uses of motion capture include:
  • Studying biomechanics
  • Developing treatment plans for patients
  • Evaluating and improving athletic performance
  • Reducing athletic injuries
  • Making more accurate athletic coaching assessments
  • Creating virtual product prototypes
  • Studying the ergonomics of repetitive movements
  • Creating augmented and virtual reality training for the military
  • Robotics research

How Does Motion Capture Work?

Full body motion capture uses cameras to track the movements of a subject who is wearing markers. The movement data is sent to a tracking computer equipped with Cortex and processed to create a virtual skeleton that moves with the subject in real-time. In sports applications, this allows coaches to monitor a player's form, as well as equipment angles, kinetics, and kinematics. Movies directors can see a preview of what an actor's performance will look like. Medical professionals can study a patient's mobility, then use this information to inform more effective treatment.

Cortex has a variety of embedded tools and add-ons for use with any application. We also offer highly accurate, low latency mocap cameras and markers. BaSix, our latest markers, are six configurable LED arrays that don't require the use of a suit. They can be fitted on a subject in under 60 seconds and are secured using comfortable accessories. If you'd like to learn more about our full body motion capture systems, contact us at +1 (707) 579-6521.