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Choosing a motion capture camera is a significant decision. Technology changes rapidly, and MoCap cameras are a considerable investment. At Motion Analysis, we offer compact, highly accurate MoCap cameras that hold up to the test of time. Available in five models, our cameras provide robust performance. They're all field upgradable and compatible with other MAC cameras. Additionally, our cameras allow you to independently adjust factors like strobe density, exposure duration, and frame rate. This functionality enables you to optimize your system in a variety of settings. Contact us today to learn more or to order your motion capture camera.

Modern-day motion capture has its basis in a technique called "rotoscoping." Developed in 1915 by animator Max Fleischer, rotoscoping was a time-consuming process. The technique involved animators tracing over a live-action film, frame-by-frame. This produced fluid and life-like movement that the animators were unable to achieve on their own. Some examples of movies that used this technique include Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan.

Flash forward to the modern era. Motion capture technology has come a long way from rotoscoping. Today's technology blends real-life movements with animation, allowing you to film someone live and then transfer their movements to a digital form. The actors or subjects wear markers that help the MoCap cameras track their movements. In animation, this is typically done in front of a blank green screen to reduce any extraneous objects or movement that could throw off the tracking process. Using Cortex, our motion capture software, animators can then create a digital skeleton that moves just like the actor.

If you've been searching for a motion capture camera, we offer five different models:

  • Raptor 12HS - a high-end MoCap camera with superior frame rate and resolution for all applications
  • Kestrel 4200 - high frame rate, resolution, and high-quality data
  • Kestrel 2200 - offers the same horizontal resolution as the K4200 with 50% of the vertical pixels
  • Kestrel 1300 - excellent frame rate with a wide field of view; fantastic for smaller spaces
  • Kestrel 300 - standard resolution with a high frame rate

All our cameras can be mixed and matched, allowing you complete flexibility. The cameras' signals are sent via an Ethernet connection. This makes the data delivery streamlined and reduces the need for additional hardware.Since 1981, Motion Analysis has been an international industry leader in motion capture technology. Would you like to learn more about Cortex or our motion capture cameras? Contact us today at +1 (707) 579-6521 or email us at

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