Place your force plates and L-frame as shown below:

Jt Fp Setup Overhead

The L-frame is positioned such that the X-axis, the longer arm, is level, and runs from right to left as you stand on the force plates. The Y-axis runs from anterior to posterior.

Confirm that the Calibration setting is Z up:

Calibration Setting

Sampling parameters – Set the Frame Rate to 120, Shutter to 1/2000 and analog sampling rate to 1200.

Jumptrak Hw Setup Panel 1

Recording Settings – Set them as needed:

Jumptrak Recording Settings

If you have a Cortex compatible video camera, you need to click the Reference Video box so that the video is recorded.

For a new subject, set up a folder with his/her ID – It needs to be a name or ID that you have not used before.

Copy the supplied LiftTrak files into the new subject’s folder.

Open a trial you have collected with your Motion Analysis Corp. system (same number of cameras and the same models of Motion Analysis Corp. and reference video cameras) and save it with a LiftTrak related name in your new folder.

Load the LiftTrak Event Definitions from the file by selecting File>Load Event Definitions:

Jumptrak Load Event Definitions