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Motion Analysis Systems deliver precise 6 DoF data at extremely high frame rates with ultra-low latency for ground-truth and control.

Robotics, UAV & Drones Motion Capture Systems & Software

Motion Analysis systems deliver superior real-time tracking for “Ground Truth” and control applications in robotics.  Motion Analysis systems replace GPS for navigation indoors, as well as outdoors, with a leap forward in tracking accuracy and latency compared to onboard sensors.  Motion Analysis systems low-latency, wide-area precision tracking is used at many of the world’s leading robotics companies for development and validation. 

Robotics, UAV & Drones Applications

Motion Analysis UAVTrak


UAV Tracker provides the capability to track and control an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) within a motion capture environment.

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Done motion tracking system


DroneTrack allows for precise tracking and flight guidance, drone pilot flight training, and flight plan validation.

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Robotics, UAV & Drones Software

Calcium Solver Motion Solving Solution

Calcium Solver

Calcium Solver is a powerful skeletal creating, setup and motion solving solution. The marker data drives a pre-defined, rigid, hierarchical skeleton definition.

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Talon Plug-ins

Talon Plug-ins

The Talon Plug-ins allow you to stream motion capture data to your 3D character in real-time and synchronize the optical data with other real-time input devices.

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Animation Software Dashboard

Animation Plug-Ins

This plug-in allows you to “drive” the movement of your animated character in post-process mode, using any of the major animation software packages.

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Motion Analysis

Game Engine Plug-Ins

Plug-ins are available for taking motion capture data from Cortex into the Unity and Unreal game engines. Others are available as well, including connectivity through a VRPN server.

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Robotics, UAV & Drones Capture Systems

Raptor 12 HS motion capture system


The Raptor-12HS Digital RealTime System consists of Raptor-12HS digital cameras and Cortex software. At 12MP and operating at 300 fps at full resolution and up to 2,000 fps at windowed resolution, the Raptor-12HS is an excellent choice for large volumes with multiple subjects or where the need for very small markers is important.

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Raptor-4S motion camera


The Raptor-4S Digital RealTime System is Motion Analysis’ newest camera. It has a small physical size but a mighty 4MP resolution at 180 fps and a FOV of 48 x 48 degrees at 12.5mm fixed lens. Coupled with Cortex software, the Raptor-4S will meet your demands for real-time, accurate, clean motion capture data.

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Raptor E motion capture system


The Raptor-E Digital RealTime System, with a camera resolution of 1.3 MP, operating at 500 fps at full resolution and up to 10,000 fps at windowed resolution, the Raptor-E is a smart choice for sports captures needing a high frame rate.

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Kestrei motion capture camera


The Kestrel is a compact, wide format camera capable of 300 fps with a sensor resolution of 2048 x 1088 pixels (2.2 million).

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Motion Analysis Osprey Motion Camera


Our entry level solution for those who want the technical superiority of a passive optical motion capture system at an economical price: The Osprey Digital RealTime System.

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