Enter a unique Trial Name: we suggest to use the hitter’s ID, name, pitch type/location and date tested.

When the hitter is ready, press the Record Button.
When the hitter has completed the swing, press the Stop Button.

We recommend collecting several trials of the same pitch.

Once the trials are collected, go into Post Process mode and check that all markers are tracked and identified for the complete movement. You can optionally trim the trial (see Page 4-3 in the Cortex User Manual) as needed.

Event Selection

BattingTrak uses five Events:

  • Swing Start (Stance Init) which indicates the start of the swing motion.
  • Lead foot off (Lead Foot Off) which indicates when the front foot first leaves the ground.
  • Lead Foot on (Lead Foot On) which indicates when the front foot then contacts the ground.
  • Ball Impact (Ball Impact) which indicates the frame when the ball contacts the bat.
  • Swing Finish (Swing Finish) which indicates the end of the swing.
Battingtrak Event Timeline

Click on Tools>BioFeedTrak Event Timeline:

Using this interface, scrub the timeline bar and select the frame where each event occurred. Refer to page 4-82 in the Cortex Users Manual for more detailed information.