Now that the trials are collected, data are clean and events selected, you can use the BattingTrak Solution to perform the calculations and generate the reports.

Click to watch the Video Tutorial on how to use the BattingTrak Solution:

To run BattingTrak, Click Applications>BattingTrak

Bt Apselect

Complete the Subject Information fields for the hitter:

Now Select the Trials that you want to process with BattingTrak, and click on the Generate Reports button. The Kinematics graphs will be populated for the last selected trial. Check that the graphs are filled and do not have errors.

If you want, you can print out these reports by right clicking in the presentation graphs pane and selecting File>Print Graph Image.

Now check that the events are at the correct frame:

Battingtrak Event Timeline

Open the MS Excel program and select the trial that you want to view.

The Excel workbook will have three tabs. A listing of the data will be on the first tab, with the Graphs and WebReport on the other tabs.

Pitchtrak Excel

Here is an example report in Excel: pitchtrakexample_report.xlsx

There is a table that has the hitting parameters along with ranges from collegiate and professional hitters:

Battingtrak Output

A green check box and a red check box will indicate within or outside recommended ranges.